Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Major Accomplishments

We have a lot to show off tonight!

Claire made these this week...two plastic bowls she made with those cool melt-in-the-oven bits you use for sun catchers.

She used a cookie cutter in the center for the heart and the car and then baked them in a tin pie pan in the oven. Then you let them cool, remove them from the pan and place them on a can in the oven again so they droop and turn into a bowl. Pretty neat! The kit was her big purchase at the rummage sale the church is having (one PK get to check out the church sale stuff before the sale!!).

Elliot made this puzzle tonight. He wanted to be sure I got a picture of it with him and by itself!

Kate made these cookies, too. Between the six of us there aren't a lot left, but they're really good!!

Christian had band camp today and his band tan is coming along very nicely! GO TJ!!

And what did I accomplish?? Well, I knit about 6 rows on Kathy's baby blanket at the playground today and then I, gasp, ripped out about 7 rows to go back and catch a mistake. SCARY! I know I could have just un-knit it (what's that called...tinking?) but I was too lazy, so I bit the bullet, layed it out on the table and pulled it out until I was fairly certain I was past the mistake and in a place that I could identify on the pattern. Looks like it's OK...

I also did laundry. Less exciting, but certainly an accomplishment!


Brett said...

I always loved those Make-it Bake-it things... so did Carla. I never tried the one where you make a bowl...very neat trick. Remind me to tell you of my Shrinky-Dink trick with my water bottle and the microwave!

Keith McIlwain said...

Your kids are so cute; they must have quite a good looking father,

kat's mosaic'd world said...

just "catching up" on whats new- loved the crafty things Claire made & Kates cookies look yummy.
I just updated my blog & added 2 pics... check it out when you have time. When are you coming to visit????