Monday, October 23, 2006

Browser Difficulty

Not that you'd notice, but I deleted the last post I had, um, posted. For whatever reason (maybe the slide show or the video) it was throwing off the whole page and I figured the quickest and easiest thing to do was to get rid of it. I didn't realize that the whole blog looks different if viewed with Internet Explorer! Somehow I had gotten used to using Netscape Browser for my, um, browser, but I think I'll work my way back to Internet Explorer. It loads faster and most of the web sites I go to look better when viewed that way. I'll have to rebuild all of my bookmarks and passwords blah, blah, blah. Isn't this fascinating!!!??

In other news.....IT SNOWED TODAY!!! I know I'll be sick of it before long, but it was pretty nice. We had chimney sweeps come to the house today. Looks like we won't be able to use the fireplace this year after all. They didn't feel it was safe and it would need some improvements to bring it up to code. There's no way I'm putting fire in my house unless I know it's completely safe! Duh! It was really neat to watch them work...they had all the brushes and things you would expect (especially if you've ever seen Mary Poppins), but they also had a cool camera that they could put up the chimney and the biggest shop vacuum I have ever seen. I could have cleaned the girls room in 2 minutes with that thing! All in all I was very impressed!

I'm off to visit Kathy this week and the baby blanket is 6 rows from done! I have pictures, but they're still on the camera. I'll have a full update when I get back and baby pictures, too!

We've been so busy...I know there's more to say, but I'm going to sleep!

Oh! One more thing...
The Povertneck Hillbillies are in People Magazine's Country Edition (November 8), p. 30!! Whoopee! You can go here on Friday to download their song, "Mr. Right Now."

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