Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I *heart* November

I do. I really love November. When I was a child, November was just the month that stood in the way between Halloween and my birthday and Christmas. But now, I appreciate November for what it really is. One last chance to breathe deeply before the Christmas madness seizes us. In November, it's all about potential. The holidays are not yet here, but they're so close. It's exciting. I even love the way November looks. Most of the leaves are off of the trees, the corn, if it's still standing, is dry and brown and things just look...November-ish. I always think of the line in the hymn, "All is safely gathered in, ere the winter storms begin". Love it. Since today's November 1st, it's time for us to put out our Thank Tank. Years ago we saw this idea in a children's bulletin handed out at church. We use an old oatmeal or breadcrumb cannister and put in slips of paper that say what we're thankful for. (I know, poor grammar there). At Thanksgiving dinner (or sometimes the night before) we read the papers. It's very touching, sometimes even funny. One year someone was thankful for MONS. MONS?? What the heck is MONS? "Turn it over, honey!". SNOW.

It's getting increasingly difficult to not rush November. Tonight "The Santa Clause" is on TV...a great, GREAT, Christmas movie. But, do I watch it or wait until after Thanksgiving? We also have a tradition of "no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving". But, my Harry Connick, Jr. CD is right where I can get to it. The kids are going to be practicing holiday music at school, so it's hard for them to wait. But, I really want to slow down and be excited a little longer.

Come, ye thankful people, come,
raise the song of harvest home;
all is safely gathered in,
ere the winter storms begin.
God our Maker doth provide
for our wants to be supplied;
come to God's own temple, come,
raise the song of harvest home.
-Henry Alford, 1810-1871


kat's mosaic'd world said...

I just love reading your thoughts. I wish I could get mine out like you do. I love November too! Just like you described it... before all the December Holiday rush...
You really should add a pic of the "sweet baby and his beautiful blanket". He really does love to snuggle in it. Guess what you didn't teach me? How to take the yarn OFF the needles! :)
I'll take a pic and send it too you. I am having FUN!
Miss you

Prettybird said...


I tried to upload some pictures the other night, but Blogger was being disagreeable. Hopefully they'll be up soon!

Miss you,

Anonymous said...

I *heart* November too. In fact, I love Fall and Winter best. I could skip straight from March 15 to October 1 and never miss the stuff in between.