Thursday, January 17, 2008

You guys really need a hobby

Geeze guys! It's nice to feel loved and missed, but quite frankly 87 (and counting) comments is a bit creepy!!! I'm so glad you've been able to use my blog to further your own best interests, whatever the heck that may be.

I am still working at Bravo and after six months have yet to see any of you there during the day to visit me. Oh sure. You're all flattery and concern when you're posting anonymous (Brett) comments, but where's the real love? Where's the real outreach? It's all just a bit cold and detached.

Well, let's see...there was Fall. Yeah, that was pretty. And then we had the holidays. They were nice. The children did some interesting things. My hair is pretty long now. The laundry still doesn't get done with any regularity and I still make the same five or six things for dinner. Apparently I can still knit although I don't do it often. There are some books beside my bed too. I think I read one of them.

But seriously, everything is rolling along and we are all adjusting to me working. I am now understanding things at work that were totally bafffling to me at first and I think I've proven myself a reliable and capable employee. I've made some friends there too and promised Katie that I'd mention her in my blog. ("Part A!) She's a really nice girl, literally half my age (!), and she makes work so much more fun. We're Bravo BFFs!

The family is well. We're in the midst of Scouting events like the Pinewood Derby and Girl Scout Cookie Sales. Christian had his wisdom teeth taken out a few weeks ago and had a really good recovery. The High School musical is going to be Grease and Christian will play the part of Eugene as well as participate in the ensemble numbers. He's really looking forward to the show. Kate turned 14 yesterday and is steeped in the Middle School social life, skating and going to dances. She hearts the Pittsburgh Penguins (read "hockey playing guys") and has followed the Pens pretty closely.

Keith is happy with the growth at the church both literally and figuratively. The construction on our Education building is really coming along and we have had several baptisms and have others ahead. We've incorporated Power Point and other digital images into our worship services and it seems to be getting a good response. He's still a very traditional guy, but is exploring new ways to share the good news.

And Green Bay is doing great!!! Yay Brett Favre!! He's the man. Sunday night is the big game and I had my nails done today in green just for the occasion. Don't know how they'll feel about that at work, but oh well.

As you may have heard, the Povertyneck Hillbillies have broken up. I don't really want to say too much about it here because I don't really know any of the details and I have deliberately avoided reading or watching any news about it because it makes me very sad. I don't know everything that happened, but I know that Chris Higbee, our old friend from Dawson and Kate's violin teacher was pretty wrecked by it all and I feel very badly about it. I don't know everyone in the band that well, but I know how much PNH meant to Chris and his family and I know this is a really hard time for him. Sniff.

Well, I guess that's it. I've no more words of wisdom for you than I ever did. Glad to see you're keeping busy out there, away from your computers and my blog, making disciples and transforming the world. Keep up the good work! I'll check in again in a couple of months!


Brett Probert said...


It is GREAT to have you back. We did miss you. As for the outreach part: sorry, but we're Methodist. Glad to hear you're doing well, and yes, I am saying GO GREEN BAY right with ya!

PS: This IS my hobby!

Greg Cox said...

Robyn: Wow, I can't speak for the others, but we are really glad to have you back. Maybe we can be blogging BFF's. I think that the rest of us will be glad to begin another string of messages. We promise not to do anonymous posts, at least until there is something anonymous to say.

Jeff St.Clair said...

Good to have you back Robyn! I am with you on Green Bay!

Jan... said...

You've been tagged... see my blog for details.