Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Slowly but surely

See? I'm learning already! See the links on the side?? See the Knitting Olympics button?? Isn't it wonderful? Thank you to Kate and Keith for helping me. This is very confusing stuff!

Wondering what the Knitting Olympics are? Read all about it by clicking on the button. I have decided what I'm going to make. Drumroll please.................I am going to make a lovely scarf for my lovely friend Doreen for her birthday. Here's the scarf, but it will be in a cranberry red color because Dennis (her husband) said that would be the best color choice. I never would have guessed red, but I'm sure Dennis knows best.

I am more than 3/4 done with Elliot's sweater (which will really be Teddy's sweater because I doubt it will fit Elliot). Hopefully there will be pictures of it and other completed projects here as well.

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