Friday, January 06, 2006

Finished Knitting Projects

Finally finished these socks for Carlie! I hope she likes them...surely she has a pair of Chuck Taylors somewhere to match them. I used the Trekking XXL yarn again, color 123.

Three for three...the bear sweaters for Kathy are all done and ready to ship.

Two down, one to go.

The first of three bear sweaters I need to finish for Kathy.

Both socks now finished

After finishing the sock, I felt I needed a little break so I finished this super-simple washcloth. It's my first experience using cotton yarn...I liked the way it held the stitch pattern so well, but it is a bit tiring to knit with, at least for me. The pretty posies are from my husband. He met me for dinner last night and walked in with them. People must have thought we were on our first date!

Does one sock count as a finished project? Sure it does. Especially if you had as much trouble with it as I did! The yarn is Trekking XXL in Pastel.

Made these two scarves for my mom. The lighter one is Patons Allure in Sable and the black one is Patons Cha Cha. I definitely preferred the Allure...much easier to work with and I prefer the final result, too.

Whipped up this poncho in a day or two. I got the yarn at Walmart and it's actually a Walmart brand. I don't usually like this super-trendy yarn, but it's nice for a project like this.

Candy, Claire's bear, sporting her new Sugar 'n Cream Bear Sweater. I just used Red Heart yarn in Lavender from Walmart. It's not the nicest yarn, but it will hold up well for this active bear and the price was right. The texture comes through pretty nicely with the worsted weight yarn, too.

This is the scarf I made for the Knitting Olympics. The pattern was Ann Norling Stitch Sampler Scarf and I used Plymouth Encore Yarn (75% Acrylic/ 25% Wool)

This is the ugliest sweater I have ever seen! Even Teddy would only pose for one picture. Check out the complete Rainbow Sweater Saga here.

This is my second pair of socks using the Lion Brand Magic Stripes Yarn (Stonewashed Blue Pattern). These were for Miss Valerie, my son's wonderful preschool teacher who wears sandals to school every day...even in the winter! Thanks to Kate for modeling.

A sling for a water bottle knit with Moda-Dea Sassy Stripes Yarn (Crush). I can't tell you how many guesses I got about what I was knitting. Good grief!

A poncho for my neice, Rahne (modeled by Claire):
Lion Brand Boucle (Gelato), trimmed with Lion Brand Fun Fur (Hot Pink)

My First Pair of Socks: Lion Brand Magic Stripes Yarn (Jellybean)

This is probably the first knitting project I ever finished...the hat, that is. I just used bargain acrylic Red Heart yarn. The scarf was made by my friend, Doreen years ago before I even knew I'd be able to knit, too! There are matching mittens, but they weren't waterproof or warm enough for the snow. Great smile, Claire!

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