Thursday, February 09, 2006

Knitting updates

Well, I finished Elliot's sweater. What in the world was I thinking using that awful rainbow yarn? I can assure you that Elliot has no interest in wearing this sweater and that's OK with me! I am glad that I finished it and I learned a thing or two about making a sweater. For one...stockinette stitch for any amount of time is absolutely unbearable. I wanted to hang myself with my bargain worsted weight acrylic. For another...even though Elliot is really into rainbows, he has the good sense to never be seen in this sweater. I also have learned that I really need to know more about joining all of the sweater pieces. I really threw this one together to get it done, but I know I didn't do it right. Tomorrow night I can begin my sampler scarf for the Knitting Olympics. Today I made a swatch of one section...this is not cheating, it's training. I have never made cables before. They look good, don't they??!!

And this is the progress I've made on Danika's sweater, but it will have to be put on hold until the Olympics are over. It will be really lovely for spring.

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Anonymous said...

Your knitting work is nowhere near as pretty as you. Keith