Monday, February 06, 2006

Sweet Sweet Victory!!!

Steelers won the Super Bowl!

Where do I begin?
Jerome Bettis, The Bus, #36, wins the Super Bowl in his home town on the 36th day of the year??!!!!!!! Ben Roethlisberger promises Jerome Bettis last year that if he stuck around he'd get him to the Super Bowl and he DOES!!???! Hines Ward wins the MVP and then sends Jerome Bettis to Disney World in his place??!!! My goodness. What a team! What a night!
I am so glad that my kids got to have a taste of what I experienced as a Pittsburgh Kid in the 70s.

And to Keith, I'm so glad we got to have a Super Bowl win together!
It's OK, Ben. You can relax now...good job. Thank you.

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