Monday, February 27, 2006

Post-Olympic Blues

I really miss the Olympics; both the Knitting Olympics and the Torino Olympics. It was nice to have something interesting to tune into. And the blogging community made it even more fun because people were commenting on the games and the personalities. I think there must be more Canadian knitters/bloggers than anywhere else??!!! What's up with that?

Keith says that March Madness will start soon,but we're really not too terribly excited about that. Know what else I miss (and this is really pathetic)? I miss the cool way that Google was changing their logo to fit the various Winter Games. They are so creative! I know they change them throughout the year for holidays or special occassions, too. It's just not the same. (pout) Since the Olympic knitting is finished, I have turned to new knitting adventures. I could have resumed work on Danika's sweater (see "Good Results"), but I just didn't want to dig in to a child's sweater right now. So, I started a bear's sweater instead. You can view the pattern here. The sweater is for Candy, my daughter's friend from the Build-A-Bear Workshop.

I've been checking out the other blogs to see what they say about their Olympic outcomes. As of this morning, Yarn Harlot didn't even have a post about weather or not she finished her sweater. Gee, I just feel so lost! Congratulations to Anny for finishing her beautiful sweater...and an adult-sized sweater at that!!

Now, one last thing. Can anyone offer suggesting for getting good pictures of detail when photographing knit items? I have a pretty decent digital camera that I basically know how to use, but I still get frustrated. I know it's a flash adjustment or lighting, but thought I might get some good advice from you knitting bloggers out there. I see wonderful pictures on your blogs, so share! Share!


Anny said...

I know what you mean about the Olympic blues. Everything is so birning now! What did we do bfore the Olympics? LOL! I guess we'll have to adjust. I'm looking forward to Project Spectrum which starts on Wednesday (the link is on my blog in the knit along section - check it out if you're interested).

What a lucky bear, Danicka is BW. That's a relaly nice texture on her sweater.

Photographic knits is challenging. Especially when they're dark. It's hard to ge the texture to stand out. I'm still working on it but so far the key for me is to use daylight and to not use the flash at all. My son's room has the best light in the house and in the afternoon, it is bright in there but without any direct sunlight (which would cause glare) so I usually will spread out my knits on his bed and snap from above. Also, I use pins to pull the garment into shape while it's still on the needles.

Cheers (oh, and thanks for the nod on my sweater...I'm really proud that I was able to put it together in the end despite spending the week alone with a crawling and teething 8 month old ;0)!

Anny said...

Okay, I just reread that and I probably should have done so before publishing it. Please excuse the many typos.

Hope you can make sense of the weird bits.

I need a nap ;0)