Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blogger Envy

I have discovered that I have Blogger Envy...everyone's blog seems so much better (more interesting, better organized) than mine. Is this feeling of disappointment normal? Just when I think I'm happy with my blog I make the mistake of looking at someone elses!! I don't even know if anyone is reading my blog!?? If a woman blogs on the World Wide Web and no one reads it...


Anny said...'s still a wonderful way to document the moments of the everyday for oneself ;0)

I started to get more comments when I joined a bunch of web rings with bloggers that had similar interests (specifically: momma to a boy, beginner babe, knitting parents of young children, etc...)

Check out to see if there are any that interest you (you can start by searching for "knitting" rings...there are over 150 different ones in that category alone)


Jennifer said...

Happy Blogging. Don't worry about the others. Just let that Prettybird voice of yours come out on its own. Be yourself and your blog will show it and readers will be drawn to your nest. Happy knitting!

Micky said...

Just remember, the others have been blogging a lot longer than you. A lot of them do web pages for a living. And some go to school and learn all the HTML stuff. As you go along, you will learn all the tips and tricks. And you learn even more by browsing others.
Also remember you are doing this for you, not for anyone else's approval.

Beverly said...

It's amazing how fast you'll pick up blogging tricks...I've learned so much by asking the bloggers in my SnB how to do stuff!