Friday, February 24, 2006

Good results

Well, last night was the big weigh-in (probably shouldn't use the word "big" when talking about "weigh-in", huh?) I didn't feel too great about my results, but I lost 2.5 pounds this week. Doesn't seem like much in the big picture, but I know it was a healthy weight loss and the good thing is that I really did have enough to eat all week. I worked out 5 days this week (as planned) and so I suspect that I put on some muscle as well. I've totally blown it. I was perfectly happy to get right back on the wagon this morning (it's a Thursday night ritual for me to eat whatever I want after my Weight Watchers meeting) and did fine until about 11:00. Then for whatever reason, the dam broke. I have been eating ever since. I'd better get back on track or next week's results will not be very nice! I guess I need to just forgive and forget! Forgive myself and forget about letting it get out of hand!

I'm nearly done with my scarf for the Knitting Olympics. I only have one section left to do and probably I'll finish it tonight. Wonder what I'll make next? Suggestions? I keep thinking maybe I'll make something blue. I don't know why, but I keep seeing blue yarn in my head. Is that a sign of insanity? (Look who I'm asking??!!!) I'm so inspired by the Fair Isle knitting I'm seeing on other people's blogs, but I don't know if I can handle that on my own. I don't have a friend or neighbor that knits near me. I suppose I could give it a try. I think I have a pattern for a hat somewhere. Oh! I have a little baby kimono I have to finish first for cute-as-can-be Danika that goes to my church.

Anyone want to come by and show me how to put it together?? My last attempt at putting a sweater together was, shall we say, unpleasant. You can see the Revenge of the Rainbow on the Finished Knitting Projects page. It looks okay in the picture, but I really threw it together. Let me know the way you usually put projects together.

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