Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Today's priorities are as follows:
1) Take care of my Little Guy...Elliot is still battling a cold
2) Get the laundry done (or as close to done as is humanly possible)...does anyone else have one of those trick hampers that can be empty one minute and full the next?@#$^%!
3) Workout at some point...I have a new show on tape that I haven't checked out yet...I believe it's ballet-based. Wonder if this old dancer can still do any of that stuff?
4) Make dinner
5) Taxi the children to their various events...Tuesdays are so incredibly busy and tonight is Keith's meeting night as well...uggh!
6) Do a good bit of work on Olympic scarf...I just realized that I need at least a day to really block the scarf nicely to consider it done by the Closing Ceremonies.

The picture is my "award-winning" photo. I entered it in the Dawson Grange Fair last summer and won First Place. Now, while you're understandably really impressed, keep in mind that Dawson is a really little place and most of the exhibits were agricultural. There were some photo entries, but not hundreds. Still...I think it's pretty.

I also posted a page with some photos of "the nest". Someone had pics of their house on their blog and I thought I'd put these up, at least for a while. This is the parsonage of the Dawson United Methodist Charge (a charge is a grouping of churches...we have three). It is a lovely house and the church next door is on the National Historic Register. We are very blessed to be able to have such an intriguing house. It was built by Sarah B. Cochran for her brother. The church was built by Sarah in honor of her son, Philip. You can read a little bit about the Cochrans and Dawson here.Eugene Lint, mentioned in the article is the organist at one of our churches and my daughter's piano teacher. He and his wife, Patty, are two of the most generous people we have ever met. Patty has made two trips to Louisianna to help the Katrina victims and the Lints have done an unbelievable amount of good for Dawson and its residents. They are a lot of fun, too! Eugene is never at a loss for words!

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