Friday, February 17, 2006

Day One

"How can it be Day One," you ask? Haven't I had many entries already? Well, this is "Day One of Robyn's Return to Being Serious About Her Weight Loss" (cue "inspiring underdog sport movie" music). For those of you who don't know...about three years ago I lost nearly 60 pounds by going to Weight Watchers (see the link to the side if you want more info or e-mail me directly). With only 9 pounds to go until I reached my goal weight, (yes, that's NINE pounds!!) I managed to put on about twenty pounds. And guess what? I did that twice! I swore I would never put that weight back on. How, then, did I do this? One or two pounds at a time, slacking off, getting sloppy, the holidays, the Super Bowl, blah, blah, blah (insert favorite excuse here).'s time to get to work. I thought that maybe putting this down in writing for the whole world (i.e. the three people that read this blog) to see would help me focus on what I have to do. Now, I know this program works. I need to just stick to it...drink a lot of water, portion control, fruits and veggies and work out. Simple. I can do it. Right?? (Sorry folks, no picture this time! Maybe I'll post some of those dramatic "before and after" pictures when I'm all done...probably not.)


Anny said...

It is a worthy goal! I've got at least 50 to loose myself but am not ready to put all my energy in doing so yet. It's so hard to motivate oneself to eat less and move's so easy yet so hard. Perhaps, your "new" success story ill be the motivation I need to et serious about it too ;0)

You go girl!

Anonymous said...

You are SOOOOOO goodlookin'. - Keith