Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yarn Heaven

Today, I didn't die and went to heaven! This was my first trip to a shop specifically for yarn. It is called Knit Wits and it's in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. There's a link to their website on the side. Here I am about to go into the store. Don't know why I don't look happier. My darling husband took this picture and actually came in with me. Then, foolish man, he left me there on my own for a whole hour!

The ladies inside were so nice and helped me look at all of the yarn and select what I needed. I've changed my mind about the Knitting Olympics. I'm still participating, but I'm making a sampler scarf by Ann Norling instead of the Liesel scarf (see "Slowly But Surely"). I'm just concerned that the mistakes I am bound to make on such a lacy pattern will be too hard to correct. So, I picked this new pattern because someone at Knit Wits had made a swatch and it really is a lovely pattern. I got this Plymouth Encore's acrylic and wool and really really soft. It's not as dark a cranberry as I had planned, but I think it will look lovely with Doreen's charcoal coat.
Now, if I can just wrestle it away from King Kong.

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Anonymous said...

And yet I am considered the geek. Go figure. Love, Keith