Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why "Prettybird's Nest"?

Maybe some of you are wondering why this blog is named "Prettybird's Nest". I think that's a reasonable question to ask. I'm always very interested in the titles of the blogs I read. One of my favorites that I've come across so far is titled "Imagine Creative Name Here". Clever. It's hard to think of something catchy without appearing to try too hard. Here is the origin of the whole "Prettybird's Nest" thing.

My husband's nickname for me is "Prettybird". My name is Robyn, so the bird analogy always made sense to me, but it wasn't for years that I realized where he got the name. Let me back up.

Keith is a huge comic book fan. He's not so much involved in collecting, but in reading and writing comics. His favorite DC Comic character is Hawkman. He loves the huge wings and says that Hawkman is ripped.

Here's a picture. Keith is convinced that when an angel gets its wings (every time a bell rings) that this is what they look like. Powerful stuff! (And, incidentally, Keith is the spitting image of this hunky hawk.)

Well, Hawkman's girlfriend's name is Black Canary and his pet name for her is...yep, you guessed it...Prettybird. And here she is (I am, by the way, the spitting image of her as well).

Together we make a remarkable pair.
I love my nickname. I love you, Keith.

I like the whole comic book thing. I love the stories and the art, but I just can't get into the comic book medium...the pictures and word bubbles. I know it is serious literature, Keith. I know it is serious art, Keith. But it's really the format that hold me back. Give me a good novel anytime. You can have your picture pages.

As for the blog name...I used Prettybird as a username because I can easily remember it. Actually, I had to tag on the "70" because someone else was using the name "Prettybird". (Must have been some of Keith's people.) The "Nest" part just followed because it was logical; not as creative as I'd like, but it's a start.

And now you know.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have a pretty amazing husband.

Micky said...

Thanks for stopping by my place.
I am not from PA, but have been a Steelers fan since I was about 10. This year was just so great. I will miss the Bus, but he went out with a bang!