Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Priorities II

I've managed to do everything on the list except "make dinner". My wonderful husband did that for me. The laundry isn't actually done, but I did do some, so that counts, right? I did work out, but I didn't do the ballet workout I had on tape. I previewed it and it was more toning than aerobic and I am concentrating on aerobic right now. So, I did this instead. Little Guy is feeling much better, the kids have been delivered by hubby and will be picked up by me. Worked on the scarf. Hmmm, what else was on that list? I guess that's it. I guess I accomplished something today, but the computer took up a lot of my time! I feel like I could tuck myself in bed right now, but band pick up isn't until 8:30 and American Idol is on tonight (I know, I know...I can't help it!)

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Anny said...

Nano pets! Or was it tamagachi? Those did die if you didn't take care of them, but not my Purl and your Babe! They live forever regardless of whether we play with them or not ;0)

You asked about blocking and piecing. I don't block unless it's lace. If its itchy, I'll give it a soak in sinkful of water and a capful of hair conditioner (or wool wash if I have it on hand). But most of the time I don't block because I hate having to wait days for it to dry (plus I'm lazy). I'm pretty good at seaming. I use a technique that is virtually invisible on the right side but I don't know what it's called. Debbie Bliss' book "Baby knits for beginners" is the book I learned seaming (and everything else from). The illustrations are the best I've seen and the instructions are the clearest. Perhaps you can borrow it from the library?

Oh, last thing, my sweater isnt actually seamed yet. I just pinned it together for the picture. I'm saving all the seaming for the end.