Friday, February 10, 2006

Let the knitting begin!

I was waiting for the lighting of the torch here in America before I start my Knitting Olympics project, but have recently reviewed the rules. Because of the time difference between Italy and the U.S., the torch has already been lit (which I knew). The official rules of the Knitting Olympics state that we are to wait until 2 P.M. to begin our projects. Know what that means?? I've already lost 3 hours and 29 minutes!!!!!!! Gotta go! Wish me luck.

And, one additional quick note. For those of you who think I've cracked...there are over 3,000 other participants (athletes) that have signed up for the Knitting Olympics with me. That's more than the "real" Olympics!!

These are some funny buttons I found on the web. I haven't connected them to anything. Just thought they were cute.

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