Thursday, July 27, 2006


I just finished the last of Kathy's bear sweaters. It's really amazing how quickly they come together and they're so small that the finishing doesn't take too long. I've made so many of them that I almost don't need the pattern anymore. I remember my grandmother saying the same thing once about making a pair of slacks for my cousin and she sewed the two pants legs together!! The moral of the story...always refer to the pattern!

Another notable thing about the picture of the sweater...the plant that the sweater is resting on was a welcome gift from someone in our new church.

What's so amazing about that? It's still alive!!! And it has a matching twin that I've also kept alive for nearly a month! I tend to kill plants despite my great love for all things floral. This beauty actually is on its second life. One day when it was nearly 100 degrees outside I went out to find them withered and definitely near death. I took them to the basement, filled the laundry tubs with a couple of inches of water and let them soak in the cool basement over night. Voila!!! They live!! I felt a bit like Dr. Frankenstein running around the basement yelling, "It's alive!!" (See, I really am pretty easy to amuse.)

Now I can move on to working on the baby blanket...yippee!


kat's mosaic'd world said...

The sweater is bear-tiful! It will be a perfect present for Hannah. I am supposed to be resting with my feet up.... just wanted to let you know he changed my due date from Aug. 20 to Aug 11th. I am dialated 2 1/2 now... So we'll see. miss you- kathy

Anonymous said...

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