Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Notes...musical and otherwise

Goodness! It's been a long time since I last posted. Here's a quick glimpse of what's been going on...

The Thomas Jefferson High School spring musical, The Music Man, was a big success! This was Christian's first musical and he had a very good singing part. He was one of the school board members that forms a barbershop quartet. There was a lot of singing and he had the uppermost part...he had the best falsetto! We were very very proud of him.

Here's a picture of the curtain call on closing night and Christian in one of his costumes.

We had beautiful weather for a couple of days and the kids got to go outside and play a bit...

Kate and I made another trip to NYC. She took this picture and got to see Phantom of the Opera while I did some shopping and had a fabulous lunch in Little Italy.

This is the felted purse I was working on.

...and after.

Felting is so cool! It's amazing that it really works! I kept calling Keith down to the laundry room to "see it now!" I finished knitting the purse the morning of our trip and didn't finish sewing on the strap and button until 11:00 PM. (Our bus left at 1:30 AM and returned at the same time Sunday morning...uggh!) I told Keith I was taking that purse with me even if it was still damp! The flap was my own little creation...whoopee! The original pattern had the purse open at the top and I thought that would never do for the city. So, I just picked up some stitches and added the flap and a magnetic closure (which are super cool).

Christian also found out that he was hired by
Kennywood Park to work the rides in Kiddieland. He was super excited! He has loved Kennywood since he was a toddler and working there is a real thrill!

Those are the highlights of the last few weeks. The truth is that for the better part of two weeks Claire's been very sick with a cold and an uncrontrollable cough. We had her to the doctor for the second time yesterday and they prescribed a different antibiodic. Hopefully this one will do the trick! She is one miserable little girl and I miss her *BLING*!!

I sat with her this morning and finished up one of the socks I'm giving my mother-in-law's friend, Karen. I found the pattern
here. I really love the cable twist pattern.

The yarn I used made them a bit bulky, but they should be lovely for lounging. I'd like to make a pair in a lighter gauge to wear with my new ballet flats.

ANNY HAD HER BABY!!! He's soooooooo sweet. Check him out here.

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Keith McIlwain said...

Glad you're posting again! Your husband remains in my prayers.