Monday, April 09, 2007

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Ever since Christian was 5 or 6 he's had a great love for Kennywood Park. He can tell you any bit of information about its history, its layout or its rides. When Christian was younger his friends use to tease him and told me that Christian could somehow use the word "Kennywood" in every one of his spelling sentences. He has Kennywood posters in his room and a bolt from the original Steel Phantom.

Well, this past Friday, Christian went to Kennywood for his employee orientation!! He will be working on the rides in Kiddieland. Usually the younger kids (under 18) get to work the games or concessions so he was really happy to get to work with rides, even if they are mini rides for kids. It's a dream come true!

Saturday we dyed Easter eggs. There were no major dye incidents but I had the dropsies. I dropped 3 or 4 of the kids eggs and even made Claire cry! But it all turned out in the end.

Easter Sunday we had a lovely morning at our church, Jefferson United Methodist, beginning with sunrise service, followed by a pancake breakfast cooked by the men of the church. Yummy!

We had another service following breakfast, then we went home and enjoyed a nice day with family. Here we are before we all ran off to put on our comfy blue jeans. Usually we wear jeans to church anyhow (well, not Keith) but decided to wear something a little nicer for the holiday. God is good!


Keith McIlwain said...

Good looking family.

Jan said...

I love Kennywood too, Christian! You'll have a fun summer working there this year.

Roda Zone said...

You are a great looking family...but the good looks must come from Robyn's side. Sorry Keith.

Keith McIlwain said...

Hey, with every child, I prayed, "Please God, let them look like Robyn."

Brenda said...

Congrats on the Kennywood job. Maybe we will see you there this summer when we take Pearl to Kennywood.