Saturday, April 21, 2007


I realize that it is considered bad form to ever type in all capital letters or use exclamation points when blogging or messaging, but


The DJ on the radio yesterday played Katrina and the Waves "Walking on Sunshine" and said he was going to play it all day (which he didn't).

So, click on the video and turn up your speakers!!



Keith McIlwain said...

The sun is always shining when you are around.

pam said...

It is about time isn't it. Charlotta told me about your blogg also, I am quite impressed with your knitting. I hope to someday be able to master cables and intarsia. which I have not tried yet. As for the "mystery" shawl. it is a "mystery" because it is part of the yahoo group mystery shawl knit a long. In this particular group you pay $3.50 and you are given a new chart to work from with instruction each week for 5 weeks and then you have uncovered the mystery of what the shawl looks like so that is why it's a mystery because no one knows what it looks like until the end. let me know if you would like to do something like this there are other yahoo groups that I belong to that are doing this also and they are for free but you may occasionally have to buy the pattern. email me if you have more questions about it,
I have about 15 more lines of chart 4 to do and then the boarder which is clue 5 and then it will be all done. I will post a picture on my blog when I get clue 4 done.

Greg Cox said...

I think it's only bad form to type in all caps when you are writing an email to someone - so CAP AWAY! The Sun is shining. Alleluia!

Roda Zone said...

I live in Erie...what sun?

Brett Probert said...

So exactly what is holy crap?