Sunday, July 29, 2007


Ha! Thought that would catch your attention!

Looks like my love affair with yarn was meant to be. And I actually did have a face; a really cute face. You just can't see it in this old picture.

Looking at this really makes me miss my Grandma. Ironically, I never, ever saw Grandma do anything with yarn. She was a sewing wizard, but it was my other grandmother, my Grammy, that knit and crocheted. This is her in a picture with my mom.

I think she's actually crocheting, but I'll let it slide. I've wished many times that I had started knitting while she was still alive. We could have enjoyed each other's company while we knit away. Her advice when trying to learn something new and crafty was always, "Just follow the directions and do exactly what it says. Don't try to figure out how it's going to come out in the end." Sounds an awful lot like "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding", doesn't it?


Pamela said...

My grandmother was an amazing knitter. she passed away before I could learn. One day my daughter decided to teach herself, since i didn't know how and started out with, of all things, making socks with three needles. Seeing your pictures makes me miss my grandma too! I still have a sweater she knit for my mom. If I'm having a bad day, I like to wrap it around myself like a prayer shawl and imagine the saint that has gone on before and remember her love.

Renaye said...

Ok, I just have one that Elvis on the television set behind you? I think it could be!

I enjoy catching up on your kids through your blog. Always so much fun!

Prettybird said...


I can't imagine that Grandma would have been watching Elvis (!), it's probably someone on Lawrence Welk or something. Perry Como was always her favorite! He was Italian and a former barber and my grandpa was both of those things.

Roda Zone said...

I'm surprised you would use predestination as a teaser. Considering how theologically finicky your husband is, maybe used should have used "supralapsarian."

Prettybird said...


I just had to look up that word mainly because I thought you made it up. I'm still confused! I'll ask Keith what the heck you're talking about.