Monday, August 06, 2007

What am I?

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I took this personality test after viewing Keith's on his blog. I don't really like taking these tests because the answers are so decidedly black and white. Many of the questions I could have answered either way, but had to choose one. Often it's also easy to see what to answer to conform to your existing opinion of yourself! I tried to just answer as honestly as possible and you see the results. I don't find much use for these tools which seem to only encourage pigeon-holing people, but I guess they are helpful for understanding how we relate to people and I know they are often used for conflict management and such. I found it very interesting that the description under my name says "supporter, protector". That's pretty cool! As a mom, and as a wife, I've always felt that my role is to support and protect! That's actually exactly how I would have worded it. I've always considered myself the glue that holds everything together. That's not to say that I feel in any way that my wants and needs aren't important or thought of. It's just that my function in the family dynamic is, hmmm, to make it all work. I've also often felt a bit like a mama bear protecting her cubs. I am pretty easy going and I don't feel that I offend easily, but don't mess with my children!

It's also interesting to take a look again at
Keith's results. In nearly every instance we are exact opposites! This doesn't concern me in the least. I think it's just further proof that even though we were bumbling idiots in the early days of our life together, God must have known what he was doing. Look how well we compliment each other. Yes sir! We're the complete package...a little heavy on the "feeling" side (whatever that means), but I'd say that's accurate.

This test reminds me of the job applications I was filling out this past week. After 16 years of being a stay-at-home mom, I am venturing out into the work force this fall when Elliot, the baby (sniff), goes to school full time. It's time. I'm excited on the one hand, but I also mourn the days of being tied to the house with children completely dependent on me. That's nuts because it was so draining and so difficult sometimes to be constantly needed, but meeting those basic, physical needs was so much more straightforward that meeting the needs of older children. "I want juice!" I can do that. "I have a boo boo!" I can fix that. "I have to start thinking about applying to college and how I'm going to pay for it and what I want to do with the rest of my life and I don't know what I'm doing". Uh. You're on your own with that one. See, I can't do those things for them. I can help and guide and support (good thing I passed that part of the personality test), but I can't just take care of it. Oh great. Things are going to be any easier, are they?

Well, before I find myself completely over my head in deep thought (check out the WPAUMC Blogroll for deep, uh, thought) I'll sum up. If I wasn't absolutely certain with every fiber of my being that what I've been doing for the last sixteen years isn't of cosmic importance, filling out those job applications would be totally demoralizing! I never finished college, I haven't had a job worth mentioning in a decade and a half, I have no professional references, and I don't have any awards or degrees on my wall. My favorite application was for
Steve and Barry's. Steve and Barry's is a clothing store that sells, primarily, graphic t-shirts, college apparel, jeans and casual clothes. What's really cool, is that most of the things are under $15...sometimes only $6.98. Anyhow, after filling out the factual part of the application I had to take a true and false personality survey consisting of nearly 300 questions. (Well, honestly, I swear it was the same 5 questions reworded about a hundred times...I know that math doesn't work out.) I could barely keep from laughing! "True or False: I often feel that everyone is out to get me." "True or False: Sometimes I really feel like punching someone." "True or False: It's OK to take something small from work every once in a while." Good grief! It would have been fun to really mess with them and fill it out like a complete psychopath, but as I mentioned I don't have many employment options out there. Anyhow, it was funny.

The exciting news is this...I was offerred a job that I didn't even apply for! My sister was wrapping up her last week working as a bartender at the
Bravo Restaurant at the Waterfront in Pittsburgh. The kids and I went down one night to visit and she got the kids some milkshakes and smoothies from the bar. Yes, I sat at a bar with my children. Got a problem with that??! Anyhow, in the course of the evening I met some of her coworkers and one of her managers. The next day she called and said that he wanted to offer me a position being a hostess from 10-3, weekdays...exactly the shifts I want. I was ridiculously delighted that after filling out applications and lying about my desire to punch people, someone thought I was actually capable of working for them! It was so nice to be approached instead of having to ask, ask, ask. Things are nearly finalized, but I have to go down this evening to meet with the manager again. This is exactly what I was looking for...I can work with people, Bravo is a really beautiful restaurant, The Waterfront is a lively place, the hours are perfect and he knows that I am only available for those school-time hours. On the one hand I am scared to death (when am I going to do all the other stuff I like and need to do like cleaning (need), laundry (need), knitting (like), volunteering at the school (like), sitting on my butt (need)?? Well, it's time to start a new chapter, I guess.

OK. Well, my baby just got up...yes, it's almost 11:30 in the morning! We had a very, very long weekend; a picnic at Deer Lake Park all day Saturday a long day at Camp Allegheny on Sunday when we switched the girls at camp. Kate was at Drama Camp last week and we got to see the kids do their worship performance of Godspell at the Shanksville UMC at 10:45 AM. She really had a great time! Claire couldn't check in to her camp until 3:30 PM, so we had a very long day. And it rained. I hate getting wet in the rain when my objective is to keep stuff dry. Playing in the rain is one thing. Driving, walking, and carrying sleeping bags in the rain is another. But everyone is settled. Claire forgot some little things she was excited about taking to camp like some stationery she drew herself and her High School Musical book, so I dropped them in the automatic postal box last night. Pretty cool to be able to print out postage any time you want. Hope she wasn't too upset.

Now, back to my baby. It's dark and rainy so I think I'll get him something to eat, make him cozy and enjoy taking care of him for a little while longer. That is, after all, what I seem to do best!


Brett Probert said...

So you support and protect Keith's dreaming? Which of course begs the question: why?

Prettybird said...

Wow. That was a fast comment! I only just now edited the post! Nice to know someone's listening. And yes, I totally support Keith's dreaming. It's why I fell in love with him in the first place! (Well, that and I thought he had lots of money, but that's another story for another day.)


Keith McIlwain said...

Boy, are we different. Beauty and the beast.

Greg Cox said...

Holy Cow! Two posts in like, what, a week?

I vote for staying home and continuing what you do so well. But if you choose to go back to work - your life's experience may just get you further than you realized.

Brett Probert said...


Stop it. You're making Shaver look bad.

Renaye said...

Congratulations on your job! I LOVE Bravo, perhaps my favorite restaurant! I tried to take the personality test but it failed to give me the results, said the page could not be displayed. I must have been off the charts! Ha.

Brenda said...

Congrats on your new job. Your blog gives me an idea of what I will be feeling when as some people say I have to get a "real" job again when Pearl goes to school

Roda Zone said...

Robyn...congrats on your new job. As far as the personality test goes, I'm afraid to take them because I might find that I do want to punch somebody.

Pamela said...

You never need to apologize to a prospective employer for the work you have done at home to keep a household running smoothly! Congratualtions on this new venture and may you have a sense that God is moving in your secular workplace just as He was present and moving in your home. Every space can be a sacred space.

Eric said...


If you happen to see a certain United Methodist pastor taking the edge off at Bravo one afternoon, just remember...

What happens at Bravo stays at Bravo!!

Heidi McDonald said...

Stumbled onto your blog because an old camp friend of mine and Keith's contacted me out of the blue today, was curious what I knew about other former campers, and I decided I'd better check that out too.

Turns out we have a lot in common these days except you have 4 kids not 3, and you knit, not quilt. I'll be interested to know how your re-entry goes, as I have 2 years left before Ian goes to school, and I have no idea whatsoever how I will handle that.

As for the person who wondered why you'd support and protect Keith's dreaming...simply put: he's even a bigger John Lennon fan than I am, which is reason enough. ;)

Anyhow...nice blog, check mine out, maybe link, keep in touch? Dunno...hi and hugs, good luck at your job, anyway.

Greg Cox said...

How is the job going?