Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Why I live where I live

I was peeking at Anny's blog just last night and saw this subject posted there. So, I got to thinking about "why I live where I live".

I live where I live because in 2002 we were sent to Dawson, Pennsylvania for my husband to pastor three small United Methodist churches. In our United Methodist system, the Bishop makes an appointment and the pastor itinerates to that appointment. There is no hiring or firing.

I love Dawson. There is no logical reason that I should love Dawson, but I do. My husband and I are suburbanites. Dawson is the smallest of small towns. Here's a picture of my house.

It's a lovely house that needs a lot of work. I have loved living in this house despite the cabinets that don't close right, the ceiling that drips and this...

Yep. That's a train as seen from my front porch. It goes through town about 30 times a day (and night). You do get used to it, but it's still very annoying. The first night we stayed in Dawson the train woke us at 3 AM...Keith and I sat up in bed and laughed and laughed. Not only was the whistle horrendously loud, but the train sounded like it was falling apart and wouldn't make it to the other end of town. I told Keith, "If there is a train that takes you to Hell, that's what it sounds like".

Here are some of the other reasons that I love Dawson.

This one needs some explanation...See that colored blur in the middle of the river? That's 400 rubber duckies racing down the river at the Annual Duck Race. Each duck is numbered and "sold" for about $5. The first duckie under the bridge wins! No one has fun like a small town!

Now, here's the irony. After realizing how much I love this little town, the Bishop is appointing us to another church...in the suburbs. We will be moving to Jefferson Hills (Pittsburgh) in July. While I am excited to be making a move that is good for our family (good appointment, great school district, near family) I will miss Dawson desperately...especially in the summer. It's hard to believe that I can find such character and charm in another place, but that's what I have to believe. Otherwise I'd be dead in the water. And I know it will come...there will be other wonderful people and other great things to do. But it's bittersweet to leave the town, the river, the people, the house, the fairs and even the train, behind.


Anny said...

Dawson sounds like a lovely place and I can tell you're going to miss it lots. But luckily you'll be able to keep fond memories of it forever...and you can return for the duck race (that sounds like so much fun!).

I know it must be very hard to see that now, but soon enough the new place will feel like home too because home is where you are, it's a place in your heart ;0)

I'm sure you'll make the new place great! I know you will!


Brett said...

Robyn...what a great blog entry. Keep up the great work. I felt like I was there!

Jan said...

Now, I love Dawson too!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for that lovely introduction to your hometown. I really enjoyed it. Your home looks dreamy (and who needs cabinets that shut perfectly!?). I can hardly wait to see the introduction to your new home. Good luck with the move. I'm sure you will touch many more lives there, too.