Monday, May 01, 2006

OK, Kate

Kate has informed me that I "really need to update my blog".
Ok, Kate...but I'm keeping it brief!

See these?

They represent what I should be doing.
See this?

This is what I am doing.
By the time we move I will probably need a bulldozer to get it all done!

By the way, I did finish Bear Sweater #2 (shown here with Bear Sweater #1).

They really are cute. Bear Sweater #3 needs to be done by sweat.


K8 said...

Ok, Mom!
I will help all I can!
Umm, Mom, this is hard I am like counting down the days, hours, minutes, SECONDS, to spend with my friends! help me please!!

Anny said...

Ugh! I don't blame you for knitting those socks rather than packing. What a chore!

Hang in there ;0)