Monday, April 10, 2006


Now I can finally share the news. We found out about a week ago that we are being reappointed to a different church. For those of you unfamiliar with "Methodist-speak", this means we're moving. The new church is in the South Hills of Pittsburgh...Jefferson UMC. Today is the first day I can really talk about the whole thing because we only just told our own churches yesterday, Palm Sunday. It was a very emotional day...lots of tears and hugging. It will be up and down for the next two months and very difficult when we leave. So, that's enough about that for now...sniff.

On a lighter note...I'd like to take back everything I said about the Demon Socks. I just tried them on for fun after their first run through the wash (don't look back and see when they were finished and how long it's taken them to be's not pretty) and they are the softest socks I have ever worn! Too bad they're Kate's. They washed up so nicely and there is no sign of any ladders or too many imperfections. I thought I'd model them for you...laying on my bed with my feet in the air. Aren't they pretty? Very nice for Spring and certainly not too heavy to wear any time.

I haven't been knitting too much with all of the running around of the past week (checking out the new place, mom's surgery) and I actually tossed the back of the bear sweater that I had already done. I knew I had counted the rows wrong and would have to fudge it when I made the front to match. It didn't really take that long to make anyhow, so I just started it over. Besides, I somehow ended up at the JoAnn Fabrics near my mom's hospital and got some new bamboo knitting needles. I don't like them as well as the Brittany DPNs I got a while back, but they are still really nice. They are shorter than my other needles which is alright for this small project.

Look who's peeking at me through the window. Isn't he cute? Elliot and I went to the park today after preschool. We really had a nice time. I kept wishing I'd had my camera with me, but I probably would have worried more about capturing the moment than enjoying the moment. Why do I feel like I accomplished such a big thing just taking him to the playground? I guess because I'm always running here or there and don't get to do some of these small things with him. Just seems like park-going should be one of those things we do more often. There is a playground just up the road (but we'll have to drive because the street is quite heavily traveled) at the new house, so maybe we'll get there more often. In case you were wondering he's this tall.

Christian, my oldest, has just landed at the Pittsburgh International Airport. He has been in Florida at Walt Disney World since Thursday. He went with the Connellsville High School marching band and from all reports, has been having a fantastic time. I was a little freaked out about him flying (didn't tell him, of course), but I was checking his flights on the Internet and knew he'd landed safely. I'm sure he'll have a lot of stories for us tonight.

Gotta go. The dryer just buzzed and I think that means I'm supposed to do something with the stuff in that right? What's that? "Fold it and put it away", you say? Gotcha.


Anny said...

I'm sorry about the pending move. That must be hard for the whole family (and community)! But I'm sure the new place will be great too and filled with opportunities for new friends and a renewed outlook. Sometimes change is good.

Oh, and nice socks ;0)

kat's mosaic'd world said...

On the move again.... so exactly how far is this for me to visit??? Will I be able to FIND IT???? When is the move planned?? I would really like to visit you there one more time. I just love the drive and area you're in. Is it possible that you'll be closer????