Saturday, April 22, 2006

Warming Grace

Here's the square I knit for the Warming Grace project.

It is the Berry Stitch I found in Barbara G. Walker's A Second Treasure of Knitting Patterns (reviewed by Anny here). I would like to send more squares, but for now this represents the only wool I have left in my stash. As I come across more I will send more squares. Unfortunately there will be a need to comfort children with cancer for a very long time. Finding these projects in which to participate helps me to have hope. Hope that there are people out there doing good for other people...often people they don't even know. We have to have faith.

If you would like more information about Warming Grace, please click on the button in the side bar.

1 comment:

Anny said...

I finished my square today too. Don't you just love Barbara G.?

I often just flip through the books and dream about the possibilities. That's the wonderful thing about never gets boring 'cause it's never the same.

Enjoy the weekend!