Thursday, April 13, 2006

One Down, Two to Go

I finished the first of three bear sweaters I'm making for Kathy. I think the pale blue is really pretty. They are getting easier to make, and I finally feel like I know what I'm doing! I was even thinking of making the next two different, but I'm not sure what Kathy wants. What do you want, Kathy???

No one has commented on my quest for cool sock yarn. I'm in between projects and feel a bit antsy. I'll probably just get back to work on the bear sweaters since I don't know how much moving will interfere with my knitting. Has anyone figured out a way to move to a new home without having to pack and clean the old one?? If someone can tell me that, I'll pay big bucks. Uggh!

Gotta get going. We just finished up Holy Thursday services and have Good Friday services tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone!

P.S. Check out Yarn Harlot's most recent post! She loved Pittsburgh (my hometown)! I wish she could have seen it at night. Read "Duh" to see why I didn't make it to the book signing myself.


Anny said...

The sweater looks uber cute and sadly, I don't have a move solution for you. We moved here two years ago this week and we still have abunch of unpacked boxes that we've stashed in the basement so we wouldn't have to look at the anymore. Guess we don't need anything that's in them!

My favourite sock yarn (though I too have limited experience - I'm working on my 3rd pair) is the Sock it to me yarn from - it's washable, super comfy and cheap. The quality is really good too...though the only other yarn I can compare it too from personal experience is DGB Confetti which has great colours but is of poor quality and the maker of my very own demon sock yarn :0P

I just got my order from knit picks today and I must say the sock memories yarn in merino wool is super soft and coushy. Though it is handwash only.

Happy Easter to you and yours also ;0)

kat's mosaic'd world said...

I really don't care if the sweaters are alike or different. I think they are- will be great cuz' they are made by you!!!
the first is absolutly beautiful!!