Friday, March 24, 2006


I finally finished the demon sock!!

Even as I was finishing up the last few rounds I mentioned to Keith that I couldn't believe how much trouble this sock had given me and I dropped stitches! Right at that moment! The sock is posessed, really. I checked my gauge again and it matches the pattern, but it looks really big and baggy, don't you think? Socks look so nice and...well, the pattern pictures. Do you think they block them first? I can't imagine blocking socks. What do you think? The sock looks really pretty on Kate, though.

Too bad she won't be getting a matching one. (Just kidding.) I think it should be my "thing" that I never make matching socks. There's a great idea there somewhere! What does Yarn Harlot call that? SSS. Second Sock Syndrome? So true. But I will make the second one because I'm just wired that way. I don't even abandon books I dislike unless I really, really can't bear it. I am going to try to start the second sock at the same place in the yarn as I started the first one, but it will be tough. I figured I could work the ribbing and see how well it matches up. I wouldn't mind reworking the one inch of ribbing a couple of times to get it right. This yarn (Trekking XXL) says on the band "for best results work with alternating skeins". What does that mean? I've heard of doing that if you have to use more than one lot number of a particular yarn, but I'm not sure why they would recommend it in this case. Anyone? In other news...I lost two pounds this week, yay. Notice that's a little "yay", not a big "YAY!!!!!". I know, I know. A two-pound weight loss is a healthy amount. I know, I know. I have to be patient. I know, I know. It's not all about the numbers. But I would have been a lot happier with a three or four pound weight loss. Seems like that would better match the hard work I put in last week. But, I'm going to soldier on. I can still drop a nice amount by Easter and should be able to reach my goal by Mid-June.

Don't know why I took a picture of these guys working outside my house.

Yesterday they interrupted my nap. Elliot thought the bulldozer was awfully cool. I get a kick out of the guy whose head is peeking up out of the street. I don't even know what they're doing out there. They're from the gas company. Should I be concerned?


kat's mosaic'd world said...

Is the demon sock my size?? I just love it!

Anny said...

Yay! and yay!

The sock turned out great and don't worry about blocking (who does that to socks?) Mine are usually a little on big side but shrink just enough in the wash and dry to fit just perfectly (make sure they're machine washable and dryable first never know about those demonic socks, they'll screw you any way they can so youdon't want to give them dryer amunition unless you've read the care instructions very carefully first!)

Oh, and the alternating yarns...that's to avoid pooling (technical word for uneven colour splotches) or flashing (colour splotches in the shape of lightning). If you knit from two balls at once alternating between them every other row you can usually avoid misbehaving colour changes but your specific yarn looks like it is stripes so I don't know about the alternating ball thing in their case?

Anyhow, great job! Do the happy sock dance and cast on for number 2 right away or you too can suffer SSS. It is a very serious ailment and some socks never recover! LOL!!!

Have a great weekend!

(oh, and 2lbs is 2lbs nonetheless, you should feel good about that...I would!)

Anny said...

Did you ever notice how wordy I am? Sorry about that ;0)

K8 said...

mom i like to request something for you to knit me! click i really like it, dont you! um the seubway thing behind it reminds me of New York! I MISS NEW YORK!!

K8 said...

i like this too

Prettybird said...

The first sweater would totally awesome on you with your broad shoulders and long arms. Were you looking through my knitting bookmarks?? I miss New York, too! "Let's go to Times Square!"

K8 said...

I wasn't looking through your bookmarks I was on someone's blog and then i saw a pattern i liked and i went exploring and there was this sight called 'cool boys knit'!