Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This doesn't look right

So, this is where I am with my socks right now.

I know, I know...I'll never get anywhere if I keep starting over. I just wasn't happy with it and what's the point of working on something if it isn't making you happy? I'm going to cast on again (thank God for band concerts!) and give it my all. Keith says I really need to commit to finishing the sock this time. I think he's worried about me! I also wound the portion of the skein that I'd already used into a ball hoping it would stay neat. I did my darndest to keep it loose, but it's still too tight. I'll have to tug to get it out as I knit, at least for a while. In the words of Sponge Bob, "pourquoi?!?"


Brett said...

As a wise man once said "I got a hole in my sock, darn it!"

Anny said...


I too have sock ladder issues. I've found the only thing that helps (and works consistently for me) is to pick up the last knitted stitch off the last needle with the new needle before starting to knit the stitches on the new needle.

Does that make sense?

Let me try that again. With the empty needle, pick up the last stitch you knit (off the previous needle) before you start working the stitches on the next needle. This way, you will not be stretching the yarn across the gap between the needles (which causes the ladder in the first place) but rather tightening from the last stitch to the next just like you normally would.

I'm sending you good sock knitting vibes ~~~~~~~~~~~

Did it work?