Thursday, March 02, 2006

Marching On

March is here! That's got to mean it's almost Spring, right? To be fair, we have had a very mild Winter, but if it's not going to look like Winter anyhow...let's just jump right to Summer! Today is so cloudy and rainy it's all I can do to not jump back in bed and pull the covers over my head.

I've finished the sweater for Claire's bear. Well, it isn't actually put together yet. I'm really pleased with the cables and the Moss Stitch pattern. It looks a bit like blueberries, doesn't it?

The amazing thing is that the front and back match exactly even though the front has a different neckline. This picture has the front laying on top of the back...see how the edges are even? This wasn't really a difficult pattern, but to keep the cables and all-over pattern consistent throughout the armhole and neck-edge decreases I had to really concentrate. Several times I had to undo a couple of rows and start again.

Does anyone else's pattern look like this when they're done??

I still need to add the neck and some kind of button and button loop. I'm not really sure what that's all about. Anyone want to take a look at the pattern and give me your input?

I've also decided to do something each month for Project Spectrum. This month's colors are red and pink. Red happens to be my favorite color (which Christian says changes every week). I think I'll probably take some pictures and maybe bake something with red or pink in it. I even thought of some songs that have "red" or "pink" in the lyrics. It's amazinig how much you notice one color when someone points it out to you. Who knows what I'll come up with!

I've decided to not weigh in tonight. That's an option we have at Weight Watchers. We are only required to weigh in once a month. I just don't feel any lighter and I haven't been feeling well this week. It's all such a mental game with me...if I'm even up a half pound or so it will really wreck I'm going to give myself another week, ensuring that I'll get good news. It may seem like the cowardly way out, but I'm doing it anyhow. I'll still go to the meeting and hear some good ideas. If my cold is no worse tomorrow I'll resume exercising too. That's kind of hard to do when your nose isn't working properly!


kat's mosaic'd world said...

I wanna learn how to do that... it's SO CUTE!!!!

Shelley said...

Stopping in from Anny's blog to say hello. The little sweater is really cute! You did a great job on it so far.